Another EU country has legalized

I always thought and hoped that the UK would legalize cannabis soon. I believed that Great Britain is quite modern and ‘up to date’ country comparing for example with Poland. The sentenced for cannabis possetion in Poland are high. Very high. I know a person whom went to jail for almost 12 years for two (and a bit) grams of weed. Stupid?

To my surprise Poland recently had a debate regarding legalizing Cannabis for medical use. It was a shock to me as there were many previous attempts to get the government to debate it. Unfortunately these were unsuccesfull. All of the ‘old dated’ politicians rejected the idea in general.

A few days ago there was a debate regarding legalization of cannabis for medical use. Only two politicians voted against it. It is the first step of legalization of medical cannabis in Poland. There is still a lot to go threw before we – the patients will be able to freely medicate.

This news made me happy. It means that the UK is even closer to legalizing and also, that I will finally be able to visit Poland. I was born there but have not visited for a long time due to their stupid laws. Since I moved to the UK 10+ years ago I only visited a handful of times.

The issue with this positive news is quite large. Polish politicians have voted for the bill but… and it’s a big but. The bill does not allow for cannabis to be grown in Poland. That means that although we will be able to medicate in Poland (assuming your health condition requires this), we will not be able to grow it. Yes, growing cannabis will still be illegal if the bill goes through. What does it mean to us, patients? A few things. Firstly, you won’t be able to grow it at home for personal use. You will still go to jail for doing so. Secondly, the prices are expected to be high. Having to import it from other countries like Holland or the Czech Republic will obviously increase the costs of this medicine. Unlucky… What worries me is the fact that Poland will also not make money from growing it. Even the polish authorities will not be able to grow it.

Luckily this has not yet been set in stone. Although the first vote was for legalization, the bill still have to go through the second part of parliament. I am not a big politics person but from what I understand the party that has introduced the bill is going to try and change it at the second stage. This will include amending the bill to allow for the production of cannabis in Poland. Let’s hope this happens as it would save us a lot of money and make the government even more.

I am a heavy smoker I’d say. I smoke daily and being at risk of getting caught and going to jail did not appeal to me. I travel a lot and always smoke during my travels. Having studied the drugs laws from all over Europe, I decided not to visit Poland for a while. This was mainly due to the harsh possetion laws which mean that the police have powers to put you in prison for a long time even for the smallest amount of cannabis.

Since the legalization bill was not fully passed yet and will take a few years, I will still restrain from visiting the country at least until I get my polish Medical Marijuana Card.

…and what about the UK? When will the politicians wake up?


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