Homemade Cannabis Oil

Making cannabis oil is fairly simple. All you need is your cannabis (this can be buds that you usually smoke or bits and pieces from your crop),oil and something to strain it through. You can use a cheese cloth or coffee machine filter. The oil type is your choice but personally use and prefer coconut oil due to it’s health benefits. The most common types are coconut oil and olive oil. I prefer coconut oil as I can use it in baking when olive oil would obviously have a strange taste in sweets.

1. The first thing you need to prepare is weed. You need to grind it to the same consistency as you would for your joint. Well… my joint. How much weed to use? Different tutorials will give you different amount ratios. I personally believe that this is up to your own taste. I find very strong cannabis oil too strong to use in some cooking or even eating raw. The taste can put one off.

2. Time to heat the oil. Put your cannabis oil in a small pan and keep on low heat. Wait for the oil to melt if its hard when you get it. Once all oil is liquid you can pour your weed into it. Make sure the heat is on low as you can burn the cannabis.

3. Simmer. It’s time to leave your bud in the oil bath for a while. It usually takes me 2-4 hours depending on the bud and how well I grind it. I usually stir it every 15-20 minutes. There are articles online which say that stirring is not required.

4. Drain your cannabis. I use coffee filters only because I already had some at hime. These work quite well and get all the little bits out but it takes a loooooong time for the oil to sift through it. I usually put it over a jar or tupperware box and secure with rubber band. I then pour as much liquid into the filter as possible and leave it until completely gone. I then stir the remaining weed (in the filter) and pour the rest of oild through.

5. That’s it! We’re done!

Friendly tips:

– Use brand new cheese cloth or coffee filter. This is purely to avoid any contamination. Bacteria and mould can ruin your medicine and you wouldn’t want these in it.

– Sterilize your utensils. Again, you want to avaid bacteria and mould at all cost. All you need it to simply put your stirring spoon, tupperware and everything else you intend to use in hot water for a few minutes. This will kill the bacteria and sterilize your stuff.

– Use wide containers to store your product. You can find it hard to use the product if it gets solid in a bottle.

– Be careful! Oil is hot! I know we’re only simmering it on low heat but trust me. You don’t want this poured over your pants.

– Keep your oil in dark and cool place. This will ensure the products stays fresh and ready to use for a long time.

– Look out for dark, yellow or even pink in your oil. This can mean mould. Unfortunately when you do not sterilize your utensils, you can find mould growing in the ‘jar’. “coconut oil kills bacteria” you say? Well, it doesn’t. Look into it!

I hope this post will help you guys get more confident in making your own medicine. It’s very easy and definitely cheaper and safer than buying in on the streets.


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