Various effects of Cannabis on your body. From experience.

I have been smoking, vaping, eating, drinking and even rubbing in cannabis for many years. I do not approach it as a cultivist but more as a chillout gateway or even get away.

I have been noticing different effects of marijuana on me. These usually vary depending on not strength of it but type. I have found weed that makes me sleepy and that is literally all it did to me. I have found weed that gave me feeling of almost ecstasy like euphoria. Some of the weed I smoked plain nusty. We’ve all been there when your usually supply is not available and all you can do is call the ‘dodgy Dave’ from down the road.

There are a few types of weed which are the closest to my heart. Even the ‘same’ strain (same name) doesn’t usually work the same way. Read here about Viagra weed…

I have been experiencing sciatic pain for 7 months now. At first, I took a lot of painkillers including Ketanol, Co-codamol and even shitty Diazepam. I took these for three months after which I decided to stop. I hate prescription drugs in general and literally did not feel myself taking them. I’m not sure if it was the drugs they were feeding me or the thought of poisoning myself with pills.
Since then I have been self medicating. I have found that ingestion of cannabis works the best for pain. All I need is a little homemade cannabis oil and it works like a charm. I also rub the oil on my painful area. I assume that the fact that I spoke every evening also helps. I have recently stopped using most of the medicine and only continued smoking and vaping. Unfortunately my condition came back. I have been drinking alcohol almost every day on my train journey from work. I have read that this may have an effect and make the inflammation come back. Oh well… Time to go back to juice and cannabis oil massages. I will be trying and control the dosage of oil so I know what’s the minimum that works. There are many studies showing the effect of cannabis on inflammation. These show that cannabis works very well and in some cases even better than prescription drugs.

This article from 2008 clearly explains that not only psychoactive components play an important role in health benefits when it comes to cannabis and inflation. They say:

Whilst the CB1 receptor in the central nervous system influences perception, the CB2 receptor in the tissue plays a crucial role in inhibiting inflammation.

This seems to be well known now all over the world. Countries including the states, Canada, Spain and many more have decriminalised the plant due to it’s health benefits. There are more and more studies every day showing how little we know about cannabis and just how much it can help us in our everyday life.

Even the UK have allowed to sell cannabis as medicine. Many of you probably don’t know this but Sativex I available in UK pharmacies. It is not easily accessible and not for everyone. Only patients with MS spasticity can have it prescribed and not from every doctor. Although it contains psychoactive ingredients including THC and CBD it is sold in the UK. I have actually inquired about it with my GP and he wasn’t even aware there was medicine of this name. He quickly stated that it’s not for me and that he cannot prescribe it to me. He gave me some ‘nerve painkillers’ instead.

Do you have any cannabis as medicine related stories? I know you guys in the US have many. Please do share. We are more interested in stories from the UK. I know a few people who self mediate and even produce cannabis based medicine here in the UK. Step forward! Share and help others.


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