How we found weed in Fuerteventura 

We went to the beautiful Spanish island hoping for cannabis Clubs that we could join. We stayed in Caleta de Fuste on the east side of the land. It’s nice and quiet’ish (although we’re in our twenties we usually prefer chilled atmosphere rather that noisy night life). We rented an apartment with outside space. It was put nicely on the side of the complex away from the main entrance what meant only one thing. We’re free to blaze whenever!

The apartments were close to the ‘edge of town’ so as you can see on the picture below the scenery was beautiful.

The first thing that came to our minds was ‘where do we find cannabis Clubs?’. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Although cannabis is ‘legal’ in Spain, the locals were very scared of the police. We heard that quite a few clubs were shut by the police over the last months. We found a cannabis club online. It was located close to our accommodation. Although we had the full address and even pictures online it was very hard to find. They’ve set it above all busy shops and restaurants and the entrance was hidden in a way that I cannot even explain. The online instructions told us to just approach the club and knock. That’s what we did. Unfortunately there was no answer. We were very frustrated as the perfect weather made us wanna smoke even more! We decided to leave and come back later. The second time young lad with a half smoked joint in his mouth opened the door. We were extremely happy. Until we spoke to him. We explained that we’d like to join their club and that we are in fact members of other clubs in Barcelona. We weren’t at the time but we’re hoping that it would help us join. It didn’t. The lad quickly told us that they don’t accept tourists and that “it’s not Barcelona”. We walked away. At the time I felt like it ruined our holiday. We went straight to a bar and my girlfriend got very frustrated. I was thinking of a way to get cannabis on the island. The only way we thought could be possible was to literally ask a stranger on the street. We don’t encourage this as you will usually either get in trouble or the quality of stuff you get will be very low.  We decided to go to the beach the same evening. We were walking along the street when I noticed a couple of guys sitting in a car. We were so desperate that I knocked on their window. I quickly spoke to one of them and even though their English wasn’t great ones of them turned out to be a great guy. I still keep his number. He told us that he doesn’t have any weed and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to get any for us that day. I think he saw our sad faces as he quickly offered to smoke with us his last hashish joint. Awesome! We went to the beach and smoked our first Spanish joint looking at the clear night sky and sea. We exchanged numbers, thanked him and prayed that he’d pick up the next day. He didn’t disappoint us. He got is €50 worth of green and some hash. In all honesty the weed wasn’t the strongest we’ve smoked but it tasted beautiful! You could see it was grown in the sun rather than under ground. We ended up seeing him almost every day and spent hundreds on his weed. The funny thing was that he worked in a restaurant right underneath the cannabis club that previously rejected us. We heard from him and read online that there is more cannabis Clubs and that they’re open to tourists in Carralejo which was up north from where we stayed. We thought about going there during our holidays but were to stoned to do so. We rented little electric scooters instead. It was great fun!

Message us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out during your travels in Fuerteventura! 


9 thoughts on “How we found weed in Fuerteventura 

  1. Hi hoping you can help me out, looking to get a smoke, staying in caleta de fuste and having real trouble don’t really want to approach the “Luckys” as have had bad experiences buying hash from them before! Also I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman but they always take the piss with the prices which never seems to happen when I travel with my partner!

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    1. 00 34 602 36 59 28 call this number and ask for Ali. Tell him u got the number from English Aaron whom got it from him last year. Remind him that we smoked a hash joint on the beach together with him a day before he could sort us out. Let me know how it went! Good luck and stay high!!


  2. Hi in calette de fuste and looking for hash. Single woman but not shy to ask. Any recommendations where I can get local or is the beach the best place?? Many thanks


      1. Hi my name is ben in caleta de fuste at the moment having trouble getting hold of abit of hash or skunk if possible ,not sure if its because the seasons nearly ended but i have only seen 1 supplier in the last week are you available ?


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