You’re fake! Everyone is.

I’ve been thinking too much lately. Weird and unexpected things happened in my life over the past few weeks. This made me come to this conclusion. You’re fake! Everyone is.
Having to struggle through our lives brings up some kind of a defence mechanism in us.
People that are ‘weak’ and find it difficult to deal with problems try and act hard as if nothing could hurt them. They make an impression that they’re able to easily deal with any problem and any situation at any given time. Well, this is wrong. They do it to hide their weeknesses. They smile and do everything not to show how they really feel. It’s not easy to do itself but when you’re struggling with the feelings inside of you too, it’s almost impossible.

But why do we do it you ask? Because we’re mean too! Show your weekness and there will be someone who will try and exploit it. They’ll find a way to use it against you or for personal gains.

I hate fake people. You know what I’m talking about. Mannequins.


You think you know someone? Think again. You think you know yourself? Doubt it. Apparently noone knows himself so how can you know someone? We don’t know how we’d react in various situations. We don’t know who we’d put first in a life or death situation. I’d like to know that I would put the well-being of myself above others. Unfortunately due to my nature this is very unlikely. I am one of those people that would die trying to save a kitten. 

In conclusion; there is no way of showing people your true you. There isn’t one. People change and adapt to their surroundings. Who’d think that 12 year olds will wear make up? Who’d have thought that ‘men’ will wear skinny jeans? Not me. I am not saying it’s wrong but come on!


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