Why so inconsiderate

How inconsiderate…

I was on my way to work as usual. I took the train from my station to Shrewsbury where I changed to get to Wrexham.
I sat on the second train by a 4 people table which was empty. Most of the train was empty in all fairness.
I sat there for a couple of stations when an older man came in. I’ll keep the ethnic background of the person to myself as I  wouldn’t want it to have an impact on your opinion.
The man had the whole train to choose a seat. He sat next to me.
It obviously wouldn’t be problem has he not stepped on my foot. He did say “sorry” under his nose. He then took my bottled water from the table and moved it right to the end of my side so his laptop bag can take half of the table.
I did not say anything but smiled when he said “sorry, sorry, sorry” while rearranging the table.
We sat there for a few minutes – not more than 5. He got up leaving his back behind and went right to the end of the carriage (we were sitting in the last one) towards the conductor. He stood there (in the corridor) for a couple of minutes after which he made his way back. He went right pass me (‘accidentally’ hitting my arm) to the other end of the carriage. I did not look where he went but it looked like he was looking for the loos. I was sitting on my phone when I noticed that over 20 minutes have passed. He was not back yet. I looked around and could not see him.
I immediately remembered TV adverts and posters saying “have you noticed an unattended baggage!?”
Chills went down my spine. I started looking around for a contact number where i could report the unattended package.
Found nothing. I went online looking for a number. Still nothing. It became clear to me that there are no easily accessible means of communication when this happens. I did not want to call and say out loud that there may be a bomb next to me, I did not want to walk to the front of the train to the conductor as this could have been nothing. I was worried that they would stop the train and the annoying passenger would come back. I would look like an idiot, racist and cause long delays.
Luckily (not really) the man came back. He sat next to me again, stepping on my foot again. He immediately took out a biscuit from his bag and spent 5 minutes eating it. I hate when people eat loudly. He broke me. I am not sure if he’s done it purposely but I have never seen/heard anyone eat so loud! He then took out a bottle wrapped in some film. He did not drink it as normal people would, No.
He opened it and drunk it sipping as it was a cup of hot tea. I was busy reading on my phone but could not focus as the noises were so annoying. He finished “drinking”. I was relieved. Not for long.


He then decided that the whole train fancied some music. He started singing songs quite loudly. Fortunately my stop came. It was his stop too. I got up quickly and made my way towards the door. I could not help but to shake my had as to say wtf. He noticed this and when I looked back, he gave me the dirtiest look.

My question is: Why are people so inconsiderate? Would it not bother him if someone did that next to him? Or does he purely not care? Is this how racism is born? He was not of the same nationality as mine and I hate to put people in one bucket but in all fairness I have never seen anyone from Europe being so inconsiderate. I understand that there are kids on buses whom behave even worse. These are kids tho. The guy was at least twice my age. I’m 27.

This incident did not ruin my day but made me think. Is it worth being considerate and caring about not being in the way of other people? Why do so if they don’t return the favour?

Edit: I have now obtained a number to the British Transport Police: 61016. It’s a messaging service so you can sent them a discrete text.


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