The machines have taken over!

When was the last time you spent a day without technology? I bet you cannot remember.

That’s true. I cannot remember the last day I was without a phone, or even a laptop. I’m sure I would remember due to trauma. I’m so addicted to technology that I literally could not live without it. It’s scary!

Now think about the way our generation lives. We shop online, chat online, work online and even DATE online. Apps like Tinder and loads more. I don’t believe anyone has ever found their other half using Tinder. How could you when all you know about the person at a point of contact is what their photoshoped profile picture looks​ like. You don’t know their personality, you don’t know their likes and dislikes, you don’t know anything. I understand that when you meet a person face to face you also don’t know them. Obviously. This is not the point though. When you meet a person let’s say in a bar, you can read their behaviour, their body language and even tell if you like hinges about them such as their voice, the way they walk. This sounds funny but yes, I have previously ‘rejected’ a girl due to her voice. I just couldn’t take the possibility of a very deep voice talking to me in bed. 😂 Walking? Funny that isn’t it? No it’s not. Imagine if you met a girl that was very pretty, that you really liked… And she walked like a chavy bloke. Would that not put you off? I know that would be a no from me.

Back to the subject. I believe that we’re losing ‘humanity’. People do not care about each other any more. People are not keen on helping others. People don’t trust. Why? Read about it here.

We focus on contacting each other through ‘out of touch’s methods. I can remember when we had to run to the next door neighbour’s house to see if he’s there and up for football. Many times we were turned away as our beloved friends were not home. We did not care. We waited and checked again in a few hours. They’re still not home? Fine. We’ll try again. It was not annoying z it was not boring. I wouldn’t say we loved it but we definitely did not mind. What do we do now? You call a mate. If he/she does not pick up? You wait for them to call back. They’ve obviously seen a miss call and will call you back when they can. I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with this. It’s just not the same anymore. And I’m 27!

Another important matter is mass production. Its all machines, computers and software. Can we not see that it kills us? Mass production can never be as precise and the quality simply cannot be at the same level as if someone took care of this one product you’re holding. Think about things around you. Rolex for example. Do you think that they’re produced in a massive factory in China? Didn’t think so. Check here to see what actually happens.  

Where do you buy your fruit and veg? Tesco? And how do they get the fruit so ‘cheap and beautiful’? The same way they cause cancer and other illnesses in us. By modifying their products with (not only) chemicals so they grow quicker, bigger and more beautiful. Again, it’s mass production. Mrs A from Wales whom grows fruit and veg in her garden will not use expensive chemicals and production processes to get her products on the shelves. She will grow healthy and tasty products. But still, we don’t even think of getting in a car and driving to a farm instead of a supermarket. We don’t realise that the products sold from households can not only taste better and be better for our health but also can cost less. Why? Think about it. Veg producer for Tesco has to produce thousands of not millions items a day or week. This requires a lot of input such as machinery, staff, chemicals so the products are ‘nice and shiny’, licensing and last but not least; packaging. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of products’ packaging costs more than the actual product. 

What does Mrs A spend? Her time and a few pounds on seeds and water. She cares for the products as she is the main person that will eat them. 

My conclusion? Take your car on a day off and drive to Wales! You will easyli find farms with huge signs outside the gate “VEG FOR SALE” or “MEAT FOR SALE”. Try them! You’ll probably never want to eat supermarket’s modified look-a-like veg.


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