No money? Doesn’t mean you’re poor

Poor people are rich!

I spent the day at work as usual. I got some beer after and made my way to the train station. I walked pass a gentleman with a small child. The guy was not dressed nicely and i would expect to see someone of his look in a park drinking cheap cider. The child was very happy and eating McDonald’s. I felt bad and immediately started thinking if he maybe had just enough money for the child? Maybe he’s hungry himself?
I did not think long but turned around and approached him. I was kind of scared but did not know what of.

Black Poverty Homeless Jobless Person Poor Money

I approached him and said hello. I apologised for bothering him and asked him if he by any chance struggles with money.
“Dont we all?” was his answer. He smiled.
I said to him that i would like to give him some money. I reached into my pocket but he said no. He refused to take anything and said “you’re alright mate”.

Do you think i have offended him? If so, why? Why did he not just take the money?

I apologized, wished him a good day and walked away.


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