What’s goin on?

What’s this blog about? Why 420trav3L? Find answers below.

I have been making notes on my smartphone and sharing my ideas and stories with people for years now. I have always shared them with a close group of my mates. Never though of going globally. I have previously had a photoblog when this was ‘on top’ about ten years ago. I have since made quite a few websites, graphic designs and have learned a lot!

The world around me amazes me. I am very curious – sometimes even too curios. It annoys me that I cannot simply let something be. I have to ask and question everything about it. I have previously been told that I have a ‘hackers mind’. Unfortunately I was too active and lazy at the same time to progress my IT education. To active as I could not sit in one place for hours. College was doing my head in and all I wanted (as probably most of the teenagers) was to get a job and money, money, money… And that’s what I’ve done.

During my studies I found a job as a waiter at quite trendy and cool bar. I then made my way up to barman, then shift manager, then assistant manager and finally the GM. I did not think that at the time but I actually loved my job. I was around people all the time, meeting and getting to know them. I was ‘out partying’ every weekend as we organized DJ nights with some famous names such as Jon Please Wimmin, Steve Proctor, Chad Jackson and even Mark Vedo. I enjoyed the crowd, drinks and the atmosphere. Apparently one of the best in Windsor, UK. I still think so.

I quit the job for various reasons. I worked for other companies for a while until my former Area Manager contacted me to move with them to Ashtead and open a new pub. Well paid and live-in. I agreed. I lived there for a while and opened the pub. Made it quite successful. My parents then moved to Midlands and I decided to move with them. I have since worked for various companies. I did data collection for a charity, I worked for company selling PVC doors and windows door-to-door, I worked at KFC and lastly I worked as a bar manager in a £1mil club in Birmingham city centre. I thought that this would be my dream job. People and partying again. No. I have quickly found out that the owner of the business was a very dodgy, ugly and short Vietnamese guy. My career did not last long.


I have since worked for companies and been self-employed as mainly interpreter. I do freelance jobs too and LOVE to travel.

Why 420travel? Easy! I’ve smoked since I was 16. All of you probably know that 420 is the globally recognizable cannabis number/icon. Weed + travel = 420travel!

Read this blog, check out my Instagram pages, YouTube channel and Snapchat!

I appreciate your likes, subscriptions and comment. I love to find out what you guys think as this is the main reason why I’m here. On-line.






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